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Privacy Policy

This is information about you that you give us by filling in forms on the Site or by corresponding with us by phone, e-mail or otherwise. It includes information you provide when you register to use the Site, subscribe to our service, search for a product, place an order on the Site, participate in discussion boards or other social media functions on or via the Site, enter a competition, promotion or survey, submit a query, and when you report a problem with the Site. The information you give us may include your name (including account username), address (including the city you live in), e-mail address and phone number, personal description (including age and gender), photograph, login and password details. It may also include certain personal details of your emergency contacts that you add to your account, and whether you have a connection with others whose personal data we may collect or hold, for example family members and friends. We may also access contacts stored on your device in order for you to add them to your favourites or emergency contacts. Please note that we do not import or sync your contact with the Site. You may also choose to share details of your membership in any loyalty programs with which we are partnered, including the date and expiry details of the membership, membership number and points/rewards accrued.